Lesvos op de Kaaij - fragments of autonomy

The premiere of the movie is still a few weeks ago. We use the time in between to bring some fragments, messages, notes from Lesvos to the streets of Nijmegen. First there will be a small installation in a container at de Kaaij in Nijmegen. In the weeks afterwards we will have a some short screenings at different places in the city. Here is for you some more info on the screenings at the Kaaij. More info on the walking tour will follow soon!

Lesvos in Nijmegen @ De Kaaij (1.9 - 3-9.2017, every day 16:00 -20:00)

Dive into the world of autonomous living on Lesvos.

We are under a bridge. We are in a container. Just like on Lesvos, the water is near. And just like on Lesvos, there is a vibrant life around, but at specific places, you enter a different zone of reality.

Over 4000 migrants are stranded at the moment on the Greek island, forced to live in deteriorating conditions. Yet people fight for their dignity and celebrate the moments of coming together, celebrate the moments of humanity.

Installation, loop, 4mins. Fragments of a documentary about the current life on Lesvos in spring 2017. Premiere of the full documentary on 16th of September in Nijmegen.

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