Still stuck on Lesvos

In spring 2017 we went to Lesvos to support directly. In order not to come back with empty hands, Laura made a documentary about what we experienced there. Lesvos: Beautiful Prison takes you to this bizarre, contrasting world, that the European outer border has become: not a safe place for people seeking refuge, but a prison. Mass refugee camp Moria gets worse every day and has been compared to a concentration camp. Meet here some of the people of the movie. Most could leave the island, some couldn't:

Portrait 1/7 Xenia is a local from Lesvos. "What is going on here? With the local people, the police people, volunteer people, with me, with everybody!"

Portrait 2/7

Alice came as a refugee to Greece. "I have friends who help me. But I don't find a solution to stay together with my husband. I talk to everybody here in Greece. They are not interested in my story!"

Portrait 3/7 Nora is a volunteer from Germany who has been on the island for over a year. She works at a voluntary sea recue mission. "I always thought that this is the place to lose all hope in humanity."

Portrait 4/7 Farooq came as a refugee to Lesvos. He has lived in the mass camp Moria and seeks autonomous living outside, because: "A lot of people have been here for a long time: their minds are not working. It's the same like crazy."

Portrait 5/7 Cris volunteered on Lesvos. A life long traveller herself, she relates in a special way to the people seeking refuge on the island. "We must understand that for such an island so small it is a lot to take in. But it's just not human."

Portrait 6/7 Ange from Canada lived together with refugees in an abandoned, squatted building. "It's very magical to feel that sense of community and a family."

Portrait 7/7 Casey is an activist from England. She also lived in a squat with refugees and volunteers together. "This is a thing I designed to be the cover for a zine. It's a about meeting a lot of genuinely nice people and seeing them forced to live in these really horrible conditions."

#OpenThisIsland because #WinterIsComing

We join the this call by HarekAct: Open the Greek islands- no more dead from cold. Simply because the EU-Turkey deal has hardly done any good to people on the move. The conditions in camp Moria don't get any better. To the contrary: it gets worse. This has to stop. So, open this island! Winter is coming. No more dead! Over the 40 initiatives have signed the petition already.

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