How are things now? Worse.

Today we are sharing here some recent news on the situation on Lesvos. One year has gone by more or less since we finished the movie. Unfortunately, things have not changed for the better. Children with suicidal attempts and a camp Moria with 9000 and more inhabitants are only two facts that have contributed to calling Moria "a hell"(VPRO). Right now, refugees have to wait over a year for their first interview. Mental health is deteriorating. And, as last year, winter is coming and there are still new people arriving: in September between 400 and 1600 a week arrived on the Aegean islands (UNHCR). All of this is a disaster for humanity. At the very least, there should be fair asylum procedures for everyone and living conditions that respond to basic humanitarian standards. In practice, this means to open the islands- to transfer people to the main land and to other EU member states. Thus to cancel the EU- turkey deal and for the European Union to take responsibility and stop policies of closure.

Arrivals in the Aegean in September, UNHCR Greece weekly snapshot, (03-10-2018)

"Die Insel der Verdammten", in German, (02-10-2018)

"The prison within the prison within the prison: The detention complex of Moria Camp", Deportation Monitorin Aegean ( (23-09-2018)

"Immer mehr Kinder versuchen sich im Lager in Moria das Leben zu nehmen. Ärzte ohne Grenzen fordert Evakuierung in andere EU-Staaten", in German, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) (19-09-2018)

"Moria is in a state of emergency", Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International (17-09-2018)

"Self-harm and attempted suicides increasing for child refugees in Lesbos", Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International (17-09-2018)

"In 'de hel van Lesbos' verdwijnt de wil om te leven", in Dutch, (11-09-2018)

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